Week Three

Week Three — Media Flows and Scapes 

Topics and concepts to be considered this week include globalisation and the twin notions of media ‘flows’ and global media ‘scapes’, which will be of interest in making sense of the production and consumption of diasporic and transnational Digital Asia in Comment on a post on the DIGC330subjectblog. Focus your attention tothe understanding of the autoethnography methodology and theconcerns noted byEllis et al(see Moodlereadings for Week One)in your national, international and local contexts. Text:Akira (1998) consideration of the post and the author’s account of their media experience.


Week Two

Week Two — Ethnography and Autobiography 

In the seminars this week we begin to explore the history and dynamics of ethnography, autobiography, interviews, narrative and field studies. We will work to expand our understanding of autoethnography as a research methodfor investigating an aspect of Digital Asia.

Text: State of Play(2013), A feature documentary about the world of South-Korean professional video gamers.

Blog Post 1 Draw on the Ellis et al (2011) reading (from Week One) to give an account of your first autoethnographic experience.
Attention should be directed towards conveying your understanding of the methodology and how its structures your investigation.
The post is due by the start of the seminar in Week Three.

Week One

We review the subject outline, learning assessment tasks and sign up to the subject blog during the seminar this week. The subject blog is available at: https://digc330.wordpress.com

Text: This week we examine a classic Japanese film text and turn to the web to help making sense of it.

Reading: Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011) ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 12:1. http://www.qualitative­research.net/index.php/fqs/article/view/1589/3095 

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