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  “Being brave means doing what you are afraid to do”, that’s what I get after watching the movie “Densha Otoko” (known as Train Man, DO) in the lesson. It is simply a story about a geek (Otaku) who comes out and save a girl on the train from a drunk harassment, it is also an important and serious issue that always happen in Japan.


  The meaning of “Otaku” is talking about people who are labelled as lifeless nerd, they obsessed with ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) culture which makes them having bad social skills in real life, it is a negative meaning in Japan. So how an “Otaku” become a hero in reality? The main character DO fall in love at first sight with “Ms. Hermes” on the train, so he decided to stand up and protect the girl. He comes out of his shell, and seek help and advice from peers on online forum. This story is based on the true story unfolded on 2channel, a text board in Japan. Meaning that “Otaku” culture is widely spread through the city, due to the fact that Japan is a judgmental society, “Otaku” gives out a shy, weak and non-interactive bad images to the public, like the scenes at the beginning of the movie, a couple laughed at DO of his toys and manga dropped on the ground.


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 3.42.35 AM.png

Such vibe makes themselves like immature, childish and weak. Actually not only in Japan, Hong Kong also have these kind of love story happened, like posts in famous forum “LIHKG”, online user always gives good suggestion and advice to suitor, everyone is keen on helping those “Otaku” to peruse the girl.


  “Densha Otoko” is such an inspirational movie for us to learn from it, it motivates audience to be brave and step outside to follow their goal. Everyone may say that the story between DO and Ms. Hermes is a fairytale, but if you tried once, there will be something special waiting for you in the future, let’s face what you afraid of and move forward!!


The Popularising of Otaku Culture — Simmi & Diaries


This week’s movie Densha Otoko translates to the “Train Man", showed a rather unusual romance. The story revolves around the computer genius Otaku, a Japanese term used specifically for the geeks. The trainman is an average looking man, with a rather childlike sense of fashion, wearing anime t-shirts, dull pants, and dorky glasses. The movie features the Otaku culture of Japan.

So what is Otaku exactly? 

Imagine a person who is obsessed with computers, anime, and manga. Has limited social skills and have their eyes glued to the screen for most or all of their days. Otaku is a term derived from a Japanese word known as “another house". According to an anime fanatic, the term is used to address people of similar interest, all being a part of a different kind of family. (Rajasundar,  2018) The Otaku culture has seemed to bloom over the past decade, with anime being revolutionized by the entertainment industry. Japan is now known as the home to the subculture, a collection of the otaku values and code of behaviors.

The picture attempts to educate people on the term Otuka and what it stands for, by teaching the common words associated with the subculture.


“Otaku" by The Fanpop Trio Club

How does the movie portray the Otaku culture?

It begins with a scene of Densha Otoko walking nervously into the train while dropping his bag of anime toy figurines. The passengers laughed at his state, showing how the otakus are often frowned upon in the Japanese culture. The movie introduced the protagonist as an anime lover, who lacks a decent taste in fashion alongside with his confidence. He seems to appear as a nice guy, who likes to observe his surroundings. His first encounter with the woman he loved was quite typical, the man saving the woman from a bad guy. Although rather than fighting he seemed to have asked him nicely, showing he was uncomfortable making a conversation.

A scene from the movie .jpg

A scene from the movie

The protagonist sorted unusual ways to win the heart of his one true love, he sought advice from strangers over the internet. Which had a magic touch to it. A platform where the otakus gathered and discussed the love life of a man they don’t know.  According to Frank Lovece, a journalist, the characters interactive quality takes the next step, to build a story about connections—about recognizing something vital at each other’s core. (Lovece, 2006) They sought comfort in knowing that he was doing profoundly well on the first few dates. The otakus might be computer geeks with limited access to the outside world, but they had been rather kind to a man they had met on the internet.





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Give it a CHohANCE

During my first tutorial in Digital Asia, our professor showed us a Japanese movie titled TRAIN MAN. When I got to know that we are about to watch a Japanese movie I wasn’t really enthused about it since I have never watched a Japanese movie my entire life. When I heard the name of the movie, I was like is it some sort of a superhero movie? But turns out it’s a Rom-Com. And just to let you know I love ROM-COM! So I did get a bit excited and was looking forward to it.

The movie is basically about a 23-year-old otaku named Densha.

Pause for a second… you probably are wondering what does otaku means? Well, it’s a Japanese term for people who are obsessed with anime and manga. Okay, PLAY!

Densha saves a young woman name Hermes from a drunkard on the train. She gets his…

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Densha Otoko is not just a Otaku

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Densha Otoko is a Japanese movie released in 2005, adapted from a series of forum posts at 2channel site. Also released has been adapted into a TV series with similar plot. The story is about a young man (Densha Otoko) helping a woman (Hermes) from getting harassed by a drunken old man on the train and fall in love.

wp_2_1024.jpg Poster of the movie ‘Densha Otoko’

The main character Densha Otoko is a shy man that loves to go shopping in Akihabara buying gundam and manga, wearing old-fashioned clothes with a pair of classic-styled glasses. He is a introvert that not willing to communicate with others or even look at someone’s eyes directly when talking, as he tried to escape from the incident by listening to music loudly in the movie. The word ‘train-man’ in Chinese became a word that represent people that are introvert, old-fashioned, not good at communicating with…

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Blog Post 1

This blog post will talking about a Japanese film called ‘ A True Love Story ‘ and my personal feedback after watching this film.

‘ A True Love Story ‘ main characters are Densha otoko (DO) and Hermes (H). DO is a shy person and he is not good at communicate with people. He also addicted into the animation figures and he really depend on his smart phone to check everythings such as dating information. His clothing style was a traditional Japanese otaku which was a fan of computer games, animation and had low confident to faced people. He liked to wear a green colour of jacket, a pair of sport shoes and put on a black color of backpack. DO also work at a company corner as a information technology programmer and he had low sense of existence in the company. However, he is brave person that willing to help people who are in need. In the other hand, H was a professional office lady and she loved to reading book. Her clothing styles was a suit, a pair of high heels and a office style of handbag. H looked perfect on DO eyes but H was a lonely person. She always had dinner with herself and she didn’t have a lot of friends. When she met DO, she was really cheerful that she could find a friend to share her happiness and sadness.

The first time DO met H were in the train. H was faced with a dangerous situation because a drunk man were harassed everyone in the train, especially H. When everyone were getting no idea how to solve this problem, DO stood up to control the man action and try to stop him obstructed others. DO successfully to stop the drunk man action and H asked DO’s phone number to sending him a gratitude present. From DO action, we can see that DO didn’t look like the traditional otaku. Many of the otaku only live at their comfortable zone and they don’t even care about the society. When DO met H, DO was slowly to leave his normal life style.

After DO saved H, DO posted the story in the Internet forum, many of the forum user gave him a lot of feedback to support his story. When DO received H present – a luxury Hermes cup gift set, DO phoned H and asked for a dating with H to thank you for the present. DO would like to change himself because he cared about his first dating and he would like to give H the best image. This is a action that showing DO didn’t believe on himself glamor and he thought that otaku look couldn’t attracted woman.

While DO dating with H, DO kept asking his forum friends for help to make the dating more perfectly with his smart phone and he was really nervous. After the first dating, they kept contact to each other and created a lot of times of dating. DO kept changing himself to be a better person to match with H. He even changed his clothing and hair style but he still shy and low confident when he met H. His clothing just like a armor to protect himself to faced H and he actually still a otaku in his real life. During his real life, he didn’t have any problem solving skill so that he needed to asked forum friends for help every time.

At the end of this movie, DO put off his armor to faced H. DO wore a t-shirt and the t-shirt printed two words called ‘百式’ which mean one person can have different look but he/she willing to give you her/his real appearance. It is difficult of people to put down his defensive approximation to confront with people. It mean that DO knew that he should move on to the uncomfortable zone and made H knew the real of him. If he didn’t do it, he will losing a lot of things that he wanted.

During the whole film, H just like the normal Asian women that they are not brave enough to find their mr.right and waiting the love come. Many of the Asian women seem like blushful to communicate with male and they love to wear pretty when they have a dating. In addition, the forum friends are willing to talk in the internet but they also didn’t did well at the real life. Some of them are addicted to internet, some of them are not good at communicate with others and some of them never move out from their room. At least of the film, they wiling to change themselves because of DO and H successfully be a couple. They thought that if they could pay more attention to their activity, from now on they can have a marvelous life.

After I watched this movie, I find that Hong Kong also have many otaku. We can see a lot of news about otaku and most of the news are negative to them. Sometimes, I think that people are really hard and unfair to them because the public may not understand to them and already give them a bad comment but some of the otaku maybe to shy, so that they cannot easy to communicate to others and they willing to talk about their opinions in the internet. I think that everyone is imperfect, so that we should move to the uncomfortable zone to receive the new things.

Blog #1 Reviews of Japanese movie “Dencha Otoko”


We watched the japanese movie “Dencha Otoko" in this week’s class and we found out the details in the movie from their outlooks, the placement of the props to the actions of the characters showed the culture , social issues happening in Japan.

You may think “Otaku" are just a group of people who obsessed with Japanese manga ,the ACG (Animate, Comic, Game) culture etc. And most of these people are shy and only active online being “Keyboard Warriors". Japan has a judgemental society, the general public has labelled these group of people some bad names like “Otaku equals to gloomy ,unsocial and non-interactive" according to Galbraith, P. W., Kam, T. H., & Kamm, B. (2016). It also mentioned that these group of youngsters got sick by being checked and asking questions like “Why are still reading manga at your age? “. Regarding these labels and doubts, “Otaku" themselves…

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#1 – Review of Densha Otoko

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The first lesson of this course and I’m already loving it! (ノ>ω<)ノ
We’ve watched the Japanese movie called Densha Otoko which talks about a guy names Densha Otoko (Train Man) on the forum mega-BBS 2channel, how a geek like him transform and successfully get the girl he likes.

The whole movie starts off with Densha Otoko (DO) one day saved a girl who he fell in love in the first sight from a drunken man on the train. They share their personal contact with each other after since the girl wanted to return DO a favor for getting her out of trouble. The girl after sent DO a set of tableware which has the name Hermès on it so we call her Ms. Hermès. And DO posted the whole story on the forum and keep update when he has anything happened related to this Ms. Hermès. And throughout the whole movie…

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