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‘I’m like TT, just like TT’ have you ever listened to this song and realized this song immediately after that? This a line of lyrics from one of the most popular songs of TWICE, from the song ‘TT’ which have already got over four hundred million views on YouTube. K-pop has became a new trend that teenagers all over the world would listen to. In recent years, celebrities like TWICE started to aim at other Asia countries, Japan. They released songs like “Candy Pop" which is in Japanese to attract new audiences. Sold over 400k albums in 12 days after the album just released, also broke the record of Korean girls group selling in Japanese first day sales. K-pop culture spreading around the world that adapted into different version so as to gain higher reputation.

About a month ago, as it was Chinese Lunar New Year, I paid a visit…

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More about Japanese K-pop effect

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Autoethnography is a research method that differ from those we used to see in scholar and literature, not just supported by scholars and article, but mainly supported by observation and or own experiences from the writer (Ellis, 2011). This methodology provide a new and interactive way to record incidents or phenomenon, also provided an alternative method to record things that might not have much scholars available, like ‘the daily life of a hobo’, can’t be recorded just by using articles but have to investigate and observe to gain relevant information.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I have already observed how Japanese girl, Rina, react to music video from K-pop. Which is from another country in Asia. Further investigation and analysis will be needed to examine how music culture from a country is affecting Japan teenagers.

From the previous blog, the way that I record the process…

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More about Tik Tok Culture

  After writing the previous blog about the Tik Tok culture from Mainland China, I am ready to observe and study more about this topic, so as to learn further funny experiences from my surrounding environment. Referring to the reading about overview on autoethnography (Ellis et al, 2011), we should not only focus on personal experience, but the community and fieldwork, for example do an interactive interview with participants of certain cultures. It can provide an “in-depth and intimate understanding of people’s experiences with emotionally charged and sensitive topics”, it means that it is more precise and show us the truth of the culture phenomenon, without putting too much on personal emotions that may affect the information and description from the researcher, it definitely can help me to write a comprehensive study on Tik Tok culture.

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  So, I am going to start up some short interview question on a questionnaire by using Google form, included open-ended question for my interviewee. My target participants would be my friend from other countries or other cultures, maybe Pakistan or Indian. They are in a very different culture comparing to me, they should have unique and cutting-edge opinion to my topics. We know that human memory is fallible, so I am impossible to write a report to represent what I experienced and my actual feeling.

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  There are lots of Hong Kong youngsters playing Tik Tok, the number is still keep increasing, they are influenced by the mainland China more than foreign country culture, we would rather choose Wechat, Weibo, Alipay, but not Whatsapp, Facebook or Creditcard. I would like to find out the reason behind and how people from different nationality or cultural background think about this trend, will they addict to it or just want to have a glance.

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  India having the most Tik Tok active user that I have mentioned in Blog 3 according to its database. The localisation strategy of Tik Tok make a good cultural connection with people who live India, creating relevant and localised flavour content along with global trends, for example it will promote Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Jaclyn Fernandes and many more, also their own movies or brands. On the other hand, I also want to find out more about part of the Indian public call for Tik Tok ban due to Cultural degeneration, they consider those videos on Tik Tok are just dances and songs presented in a vulgar way, and serious cyber bullying case from children on Tik Tok, there are suicide reported after user mocked for videos they upload on the application, it will be an important issue and cultural conflict towards India.

#4 – More about the Hallyu

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According to the reading, it is been said that autoethnographers must not only use their methodological tools and research literature to analyze experience (Ellis et al, 2011), and referring to my previous blog, I had mentioned about using google form, starting up a questionnaire which includes some open-end questions, but now I have decided to specifically interview some of my Malaysian friends through texts instead. I could even ask furthermore instead of asking in the questionnaire since I can’t control the participants if they want to write a long explanation or paragraph for me. So far, I’ve already received a few responses and I will be closing the questionnaire a few weeks later in order to give myself some time to gather all data and draw a conclusion base on my result.

The reason why I would love to individually interview my Malaysian friends is because “we do not normally…

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Experience on BL(Tanbi)

In Blog 3 I wrote about BL culture and why female readers are so obsessed with BL. In fact, most women will also be exposed to the BL culture when they are exposed to the Japanese animation culture. Now, the BL couple can become a big selling point of the work. As far as I am concerned, I started in Form 1 as a Fujiko. I liked the Japanese anime at first, but when I looked at it, I suddenly felt in love with BL and I find out that BL is particularly interesting.

Experience of watching BL

The word BL originated from the rise of the Tanbi cultural. Nowadays network society to accelerate the diffusion of Tanbi culture and its subordinate groups of fans which are called Fujoshi. As a subordinate group of the Tanbi culture, Fujoshi developed specific ways of speaking and behavior, established its own symbolic system and distinguished it from other people, and established identity through group communication and interaction in the main activity place of the network. Strong closedness and identity.

In this society nowadays, there are such a group of young women who don’t like to go shopping, rarely contact with outsiders, but are active on the Internet, like to play games at home, watch anime, especially addicted to BL novels and comics. They respect male and female love, pay attention to homosexual groups, and their sexual attitudes are more open, and they are more fanciful than the general population. They call themselves “the same woman", “Fujoshi" or “Tanbi wolf." Many people may not be familiar with these concepts. However, with the rapid development of the Internet industry in recent years, this cultural phenomenon is infiltrating into the life of the young generation at an unpredictable speed, involving all cultural fields, including comics, novels, animation, radio dramas, games, and many other forms.
What attracts the young girl to watch BL? And why they are so interested in it? I choose to watch what Fujoshi are doing in their daily life. A Fujoshi describes her life like this: The first thing when she gets up is to fill the mobile phone with a BL drama (radio drama), and the mobile phone that is carried around is also filled with BL novels and animations. In the waking hours that I can control, more than two-thirds of them are online, and most of the time they spend in the favorite forums to watch essays, and they don’t feel uncomfortable when they don’t look at them. There are more and more young women like this, and there are many people among them who love to watch BL and go on the road of BL creation.

“I am not gay, but the person I love is a man!" The famous quote in the classic BL comic “Love" tells BL’s view of love, that is, to some extent, the pure essence of love. Beyond gender restrictions and secular concerns, and no interest considerations, only the absolute two hearts are attracted to each other.

I have also tried to search BL comics and anime for some webpages dedicated to watching the comics on the Internet and also there are some of the BL groups on social media have specifically published “resources". Whether you are on a network or a group in social media, you need to apply and verify if you want to join. Most of the websites are for some verification questions about the beauty of the anime / about the beauty of this aspect, and the group is the administrator needs to confirm that you are a Fujiko to let you go in and get resources.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is probably the first time I have come across a positive BL work. This comic is connected with Nakamura Chunju’s comic book “Innocent Romance" and uses a different depiction from “Innocent Romance". In the background of a very close to the real publishing house, the story is discharged at the right rhythm and the appropriate funny shop. The work named Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is due to the fact that the four stories depicted in the comic are all about the various “first love" stories. Because of the popularity of the manga, the TV was animated and screened in April 2011 and October of the same year.

As I mentioned above, Fujoshi’s life is full of the shadow of BL works, so why is BL so attractive to them? Through the online data search and some of Fujoshi’s daily life, many Fujoshi love to be beautiful, because of the disappointment and helplessness of the status of men and women in real life. The two same-sex in the beautiful works always stand on the level of equality. This relationship between the same sex is far simpler than the opposite sex in reality, and thus it is more beautiful.

Implementation part

In my individual project, I decided to do about the BL manga/animation. For the data collection, I would like to follow 3 of Fujoshi and watch them how they will find out the"resource" of BL manga/animation. Also, I would like to do an interview with them (if they are willing to do this) about how BL affect their life such as Love view or interpersonal relationship.

Do you play Tik Tok?

  Tik Tok (also known as 抖音) is one of the fastest growing media application in the world (especially Asia), which launched in September of 2016 in China and introduced to international market in the second years, up to 150 million users create and post short video with viral music to build up their popularity on he social. Videos on Tik Tok sometimes can earn hundreds to thousands of likes, is now one of the easiest way to gain followers and make noise in China society.

Image result for tik tok

  It’s not hard to notice that the majority of the video contents are people lip-syncing pop songs or exaggerated acts, with some cool and fast editing skills to the beats. One of the reasons that makes Tik Tok be successful is it give everyone an easy chance to be a video creator, come along with some funny filters, camera speed control, cute stickers and professional audio editing tools etc. There are different kind of genre of short-videos, like cooking, fashion and travel etc. People are hooked by these contents quickly because Tik Tok use artificial intelligence to display customised news and things that people like.


  The trend of playing Tik Tok is go viral in so many countries. Before Tik Tok launched on application store, the other two video sharing applications Kuaishou and Meipai (Tik Tok’s major competitors) are the most popular applications in Asia store. Tik Tok later became the biggest competitor to them, still dominating the number one application ranking in both video & photo categories. It also makes so much noise in other countries now, like India, Thailand Indonesia, Singapore, Korea and japan etc., especially India has nearly 119.3 million users in result, it noted that the majority of the users are using Android compared to ISO in the above countries.

  There are so many reasons that lead Tik Tok being the top application globally, it is short, direct and mobile-first which can deeply-seated in young people’s lives. Additionally, Tik Tok also included some limited-time and interactive challenges or battles for youngsters, some of them are leading user to try accomplishing the mission or some are started by brands which will finally reward gift to the winner.

Image result for tik tok competitor

  At some point, Tik Tok is slightly different from other video sharing applications. It is more focused on the age between 18 and 34, more young adults would like to express themselves on social platform, it creates diverse audience and user. While other applications are fighting for the ranking in the domestic Chinese market, Tik Tok has an eye on the multinational market, it provides English Version in order to gained higher popularity from different languages countries. For example, there are less applications that will contain Japanese music for J-Pop lovers, takes care of the diversity which became one of the important success factors.

Image result for tik tok學

  There is a very hit song on Tik Tok called Xue Mao Jiao (學貓叫) that made so much noise among youngster’s community. It needs a couple of user lip-syncing the song and perform a duo dance, people are being crazy about it and sharing the song rapidly on internet, even people from foreign countries like United Kingdom are making song cover of it. People are brainwashed with a high level of virality, clips are duplicated over and over. I seldom use these kind of applications, even I have an account I just used it for surfing posts from my friends or brands, but I know that lots of my female friend are playing around Tik Tok, they always do some cute face and move in their videos to attract followers, for me as a boy I feel a bit embarrassing but the trend is actually here, and I believe it would be quite interesting to me to explore more details on it.

Analysing The Culture Difference Between Hong Kong And South Korea

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Korean dramas and music are leading the trend in Hong Kong and different South Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand. Through watching Korean dramas, we can notice they have a similar language system with Japan while it is different with the Cantonese or Mandarin. Korea waspart of the Chinese culture area; the traditional Korean social structure was very similar to traditional China.

South Korea is considered to be a strictly hierarchical society where peoplehavegreat respect for authority, experience strong fear of displeasing their superiors and a substantial desire for explicit and stable relationships within hierarchies(Moon, Uskul & Weick, n.d.). Modern South Korean organisations and its members display strong traditional Confucian values, where individuals are encouraged to use honorifics and emphasise hierarchical relationship structures in the workplace(Kim, 2019).

In Korean, they have honorifics that can indicate the relationships between audiences…

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