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    Otaku in Japan
    Hi everyone! This blog is about my review of a Japan movie called- TRAIN MAN: DENSHA OTOKO.

    It is a love story between an otaku and a kind, thankful woman. The otaku is our male lead and the kind, thankful woman is the heroine. They meet at the train and he had saves her from the souse on the train.

    Then, he started to pursue her. From the process of pursue the girl, he had slowly to leave his comfort zone, as he has made a lot of change because of pursue the girl. At last, he had succeeded to make that girl to be his girlfriend because of his courage, kind and always conceived others.

    This movie had to attentive describe the “Otaku culture” of japan, including the lifestyle, fashion style, gestures and behavior. Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly in anime and manga. They were so afraid to talk to people on the reality, but they will feel free to share opinion in online. They usually had the same fashion style, also they will go to the same shopping or entertainment area.

    On the movie, the screenwriter has carefully to create the character setting. They had set Takayuki to be an introverted person and they had described it by the action of the actor. On the scene of Takayuki saw the souse on the train, he tries to use the j-pop music cover the sound of the souse and to evade some trouble. But when he saw the souse were harass Miki, he chooses to stand up and help her. It shows that he is a coward on daily life, but he will choose to do the right thing with a “coward style” as he is a very kind person. Besides, on the scene of he talk in online and he talk with Miki on the reality, it has shown that he can’t be confident on the reality because his outward. But when he talks online, without the outward, he can feel free to talk honestly. What he cares about? What he had afraid of? What he wants to do? It can show he has a bad social skill as the otaku will usually stay with the computer and not meet people on the reality. Moreover, on the scene of he preparing the dating, he had make a lot of research and think about which place is the best to date with Miki. It shows that he is an attentive person, always think about others.

    The movie had shown us the other side of the otaku, we usually pay attention of they addicted to the anime and manga. Seems we had ignored their inner beauty. However, in my opinion, there has no girl just like Miki, there has a girl just care about your inner beauty on the reality, especially in Hong Kong. So, I think the otaku will not so easy to make a girl to be their girlfriend. But I do agree that we shouldn’t to judge people by their outward. Also, I had learned more about the otaku culture on the movie. But, on the TV drama version, they had go deeply to explain the cause of the otaku. If you had interested to the topic of “Otaku culture” after you had watched this movie, I will recommend you to watch the TV version of “Train man” and understand more.

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