Draft for Assessment 3 – Digital Artifact from 90’s disco music to MIKA Waves 2016

As I talked about Western music in the blogs before and  I’m interested in all types of Western music including classic,Jass,Pop and of course I’m a “Die hard" MIKA fans,I may use Prezi to show you his Asia Tour 2016,how did his fans act n what other interviews or activities he did in Asia…

    1/How the Western music trends from 90’s to now n what makes MIKA becoming popular in Asia

    2/Introduces the schedule for his Asia tour in different countries

    3/What he had done during his Asian tour n any special activities Vs When he is outside Asian e.g.

    Korea:The blue paper aeroplanes made by fans

    Japan:video interview on YouTube

    Hong Kong: +Interviews from TV,Magazines & Newspapers e.g.Prestige,tvb,apple daily etc.

    China:MTV Asia,EllenMen,CCTV etc.

    Say something from different angles such as,

    MIKA:How he felt about countries in Asia n Asian fans

    Audiences:How do u feel that MIKA had taken the Asia tour n what is the situation when fans joining his gigs

    Media/Platform:How media talked about MIKA & his fans n what are the different on the venues or size for a gig inside Asia Vs Outside Asia

    Some references from the reading FQS Autoethnography : An Overview Part 4 mainly + little bit part 5

    FQS 12(1), Art. 10, Carolyn Ellis, Tony E. Adams & Arthur P. Bochner: Autoethnography: An Overview




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